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Lenovo leads in US reliability survey

by on15 June 2011

Followed by Asus, Tosh and Apple
According to the latest quarterly report from PC repair outfit RescueCom, Lenovo is once again leading the field in terms of reliability.

Lenovo scored 254 in RescueCom’s reliability score and Asus also did well, squeezing into second place in the rankings with a strong score of 242. Toshiba ranked third with 164 points, trailed by Apple and HP/Compaq with 149 and 122 points respectively.

The scores come as a cold shower for Apple, which prides itself as a premium brand and it had every right to do so two years back, when it took the top spot. However, Lenovo and Asus have left it behind in a cloud of dust, despite the fact that their combined market share is lower than Apple’s and that their computers sell for peanuts.

The report also found that Samsung had done rather well in terms of reliability, but it could not be included in the top five ranking due to its meagre market share. But its market share is growing like the Greek sovereign debt, so don’t hesitate to pick up a Samsung lappie on account of reliability concerns.

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