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Motorola set to kill off the Xoom in June

by on23 March 2011

Something new in the works
Motorola looks like it is going to kill off its first model of the Xoom in June. According to Apple Insider, it seems that the outfit is going to rush out a new successor to meet the Apple iPad 2.

Numbers of people ordering the Xoom are expected to fall from the second quarter. These are expected to be 300,000 units in April, down from between 400,000 and 500,000 in March. And shipments will go below 300,000 in May, the report said.

Motorola is understood to be a little uncertain about the way iPad PCs are going and wants to launch new Xoom model in the second half after evaluating the situation, AppleInsider claims. Xoom was hyped with a Super Bowl advertisement before the 3G-radio-equipped version of the touchscreen tablet hit the shops in February. It is expected to sell between 3 million and 5 million in 2011.

While this is well behind the market leader, Apple, it is not too bad as a product. Unfortunately it was not different enough from Jobs' Mob's gear for it to be a real iPad killer. One day manufactures will realise that the way to kill off the iPad is to make the same thing and ship it out with a lower margin.

However, Motorola has been on the blower and said that the AppleInsider is not accurate and that Motorola Mobility will continue to sell and produce the Motorola Xoom beyond the second quarter.

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