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Moto G power wows with price, but bloatware's a nightmare

by on22 March 2024

How to kill off a good product

Motorola's 2024 Moto G Power has caught the eye with its vegan friendly tactile back and sleek edges, all for a modest €300, even if the camera and LCD screen don't quite hit the mark. But for some reason the whole thing has been destroyed by bloatware.

According to the Verge if you flick through the app drawer, and you'll stumble upon a bunch of 'folders' that have downloaded themselves. But don't be fooled – they're not folders; they're apps. Shopping, Entertainment, and GamesHub – each one a little den of apps. Any app you've chosen to download pops up in these 'folders', along with a barrage of other apps they reckon you should download .

Give the suggested apps the boot, and up pops a 'Discover' section. Take the shopping app; it tempts you to 'Unlock the power of shopping' with links to all sorts of tat, like cheesy Easter decorations from TJ Maxx. Thankfully, you can switch this bit off.

The apps are all the handiwork of a mob called Swish, and dodging the download during setup isn't an option. You can (and definitely should) give a miss to downloading a third-party lock screen by a lot called Glance.

Verge hackette Allison Johnson said the more she delves into this phone's software, the less I fancy it. The built-in weather app is plastered with ads and yet more app suggestions, plus gems like 'Gotta love air conditioning at these high levels of humidity.' Fancy getting rid of the ads? That'll be €4 for 1Weather Pro, if you please.


Last modified on 22 March 2024
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