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Microsoft said to be studying iPad

by on02 February 2011

Looking at possible productivity software release?
Whispers we hear suggest that Microsoft might be already looking beyond the recently released OneNote for iPad. Our sources suggest that Microsoft is monitoring the number of downloads of OneNote for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to perhaps gauge the possible interest in bringing more productivity software to the platform.

Of course, when you think of Microsoft productivity software, you think of Microsoft Office. While nothing is confirmed or decided yet, rumors suggest that perhaps stripped down versions Word/Excel/PowerPoint and maybe even Outlook could be headed to iPad. It is believed that while OneNote is able to run on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, if Microsoft were to bring a productivity pack out, it would be for the iPad.

The rumors, of course, do seem plausible when considering the recent announcement of new version of Windows for ARM and the additional rumors that a version of Office for the ARM version of Windows is being planned. Of course, Microsoft does not comment on future strategy or rumors, so we will have to wait and see; but pushing deeper into the iPad platform would be a smart move for Microsoft, as they are always looking for more places to sell their software.

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