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Nvidia expects record notebook revenue

by on06 January 2011

CES 2011: 2011 should be a good year for Nvidia
2010, the last year of the past decade was not particularly great for Nvidia. The company had no success in pushing Tegra 2 due Google's OS delay, Fermi was late and the chipset business basically dissaperead into thin air. People also got scared about the future of company, as Nvidia doesnt have an x86 based CPU.

Things started to recover later this year and recently Nvidia announced 200 design wins for Sandy Bridge notebooks. Some 85 percent of them will have Optimus, claims Rene Haas, Nvidia Notebook Division General Manager. Haas believes that this looks to be the best year for Nvidia's notebook business.

Nvidia also believes that Sandy Bridge won't change the integration rate on notebooks and that 85 percent of notebooks sold in China actually have a discrete GPU. Naturally this number is significantly lower in the US and EU market.

Overall it all looks good for Nvidia's mobile business. The company launched the 520M, a brand new chip, as well as 540M and 550M parts, so naturally you can expect to see some bigger numbers to replace 460M and 485M in the performance and high-end segment.
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