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Nvidia shares spiked by Windows 8 for ARM

by on06 January 2011

CES 2011: ARM matters, or so it seems
Analysts all over the world are super excited about Microsoft's confirmation that Windows 8 that can run on x86 and ARM.

Nvidia shares have spiked to $19.20 at press time, some 13.31 percent up. Just for comparison, Nvidia was at $16.05 on Wednesday,  January 5, and since then the stock grew by some 30 percent.

At the same time ARM opened at $23.64 and fell to $21.88 yesterday, thanks to market “experts”. Today it is again slightly lower that it opened, but there is still some time before the market closes. It should be clear that without ARM there won't be Tegra or Denver or any other TI or Qualcomm ARM chips, so it would be natural to see ARM spiking together with Nvidia. Try not to make sense out of the stock market, it can be logical as a the winning strategy in black jack in Las Vegas. (Don't gamble away our pension plan. sub.ed.)

Qualcomm moved by less than one percent and they have the most chips in mobile phones based on ARM, while Texas Instruments, another leader in the ARM market just went up by less than two percent.

Kudos to Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia's CEO who convinced the market that they are worth jumping 30 percent in a matter of days, despite the fact that you still can't buy an actual Tegra 2 product anywhere. He really is a master of show business and politics and we wonder if he could become the next Schwarzenegger.
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