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ExoPC tablet hacked to run Android 2.2

by on21 December 2010

Oh, the sweet irony

The tablet proud and joy of Intel/Microsoft cooperation, the ExoPC 11.6-inch tablet that originaly shipped running Windows 7 which is paired up with Intel's Pineview-M N450 CPU has been hacked and booted running Android 2.2 Froyo OS.

The information is scarce but one of the users at at ExoPC forum managed to get the Froyo up and running quite nicely. There aren't any detailed instructions and the only thing that can be seen are a lousy picture and video of the device but we are quite sure that the rest will follow up pretty soon.

The device is happily working and it looks like that WiFi and touch-screen are working quite well. You can find out more here.

Last modified on 21 December 2010
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