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Oldest Apple fangirl pinned down

by on20 December 2010

I am 103, you know, she said smugly
A Welsh woman has been outed as the oldest Apple fan.

Lillian Lowe, 103 is an ex-hotel owner and is apparently spending her long retirement surfing on her Apple iPad. Lowe hit the headlines when she was identified as the oldest current user of Facebook. She took the crown following the death of 104 year old Ivy Bean earlier this year.

But when the BBC popped around to talk to her they could not notice that she was running her Facebook on the latest Jobs' Mob toy. Someone who can remember BOTH wars must also be Apple's oldest user and have lots of reasons to be the smuggest person in the world. We expect she should receive an email from Steve Jobs on her birthday. We guess it will be his traditional one word replies...

“Birthday... sent from my iPad,” Steve Jobs.

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