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Cloudflare beats Sable in patent war

by on14 February 2024

Patent war over 

Cloudflare has beaten Sable networks in a court battle over patents owned by the defunct “flow-based router” firm, Caspian Networks. 

Sable Networks, the proud owner of patents once bestowed upon the now-defunct “flow-based router” firm, Caspian Networks, took Cloudflare and five other companies to court in 2021.

They alleged a slew of violations of four patents now in Sable’s possession. However, the tides have turned since the case was lodged in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas.

Last week, a jury verdict declared that Cloudflare not only didn’t infringe on the single patent that made it to trial, but deemed the final patent claim in question as invalid. The jury needed a mere two hours to deliver the result, according to Cloudflare.

“Since Sable first took us to court, we’ve managed to invalidate substantial parts of three Sable patents, effectively crippling their ability to sue other companies,” Cloudflare’s in-house legal eagle crowed. Cloudflare revealed that it had managed to pare the case down from four patents and “approximately 100 claims” to a single claim on one patent – number 7,012,919 – over the past three years.

This victory is partly due to the aid of external investigators on Project Jengo, an initiative first kicked off in 2017 to unearth prior-art patents when Cloudflare was sued by another patent troll, Blackbird Technologies.

Last modified on 14 February 2024
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