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Nvidia’s big cheese pokes fun at OpenAI’s price tag

by on14 February 2024

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In a cheeky jibe at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, Nvidia’s head honcho, Huang, had a right laugh when asked how many GPU chips one could nab with a few trillion quid.

OpenAI’s top dog, Sam Altman, is reportedly on a mission to raise trillions to bolster the supply of these vital chips for AI processing.

Huang, however, told the United Arab Emirates’ AI minister, Omar Al Olama, that developing AI wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg like the amount Altman is trying to drum up.

The Nvidia CEO reckons AI infrastructure costs would be a drop in the ocean compared to the whopping £5 trillion to £7 trillion Altman is reportedly trying to raise, all thanks to the expected leaps and bounds in computing.

“You can’t just assume you’ll be buying more computers. You’ve also got to reckon that the computers are going to become faster and therefore the total amount you need isn’t as much,” Huang quipped.

He also hinted that the cost of building AI data centres globally would tot up to £2 trillion by 2029.

Huang added: “There’s about a trillion quid’s worth of installed base of data centres. Over the course of the next four or five years, we’ll have £2 trillion worth of data centres that will be powering software around the world.”


Last modified on 14 February 2024
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