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Lawmakers think a law against stupid Apple fanboys is needed

by on08 February 2024

Anti-Rich Moron law

US politicians are mulling new laws because Apple fanboys are too stupid to take their Vision Pro headsets off when they are driving.

Massachusetts State rep William Straus has seen enough of the videos of morons driving Teslas with their hands in the air and texted in thin air.

He said the videos of these idiots driving Teslas with their hands up in the air and Straus wants to make it illegal.

His transport committee agreed with him and passed a law banning the use of the new virtual reality headset or any similar tech while driving in Massachusetts.

Committee boss Straus drafted the law with his staff overnight and added it to an existing proposal that would stop drivers from filming or streaming themselves while driving. That it got through the committee in less than two days is a miracle by Beacon Hill standards. (The bill still needs to pass the full House and Senate.)

"This is the right time to stop this madness," said Straus, a Mattapoisett Democrat. "Drivers already have too many things to distract them." Straus' law would not let drivers wear, hold, or "use or play with a spatial computer" or an augmented reality or mixed reality device.

It would also stop drivers from looking at any video, images or text that have nothing to do with driving or finding their way, whether they are on a screen or "worn as a headset or anywhere else on the driver's body."

Drivers would face the same fines they do now for texting while driving: €93 for a first offence, €232 for a second offence and €464 for every offence after that. Sadly there is no extra fine for being a moron in a built up area, wasting air, or lowering the standards of the world by buying useless out-of-date technology for ten times the price. This means that lawmakers did not consider chemical castration and remove these twits from the genepool before they took others out of it. 

The driver in the viral video posted on YouTube [shown above] said that it was all a "joke" that he had made with his mates and that he wasn't nicked.

"I was in the right place at the right time. That's why we filmed the cops."

Last modified on 08 February 2024
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