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Chinese phone giant orders more Mate 70s

by on01 February 2024

Cleaning Apple’s clock

Chinese phone giant Huawei plans to order more Mate 70s, its latest and greatest smartphone, to eliminate Apple and its iPhone 16 from the Chinese market.

The company is confident its new phone will be a hit in China, as it is already selling millions of Mate 60s.

Smart Pikachu, a tipster on Weibo, a Chinese Twitter, said that Huawei wants to keep its lead in China with the Mate 70 series, which will go head-to-head with Apple's iPhone 16 family.

He didn't say how many Mate 70s Huawei will order, but he said it will be more than the Mate 60, which sold over 30 million units in China.

Before the Mate 70 series launch, Huawei is expected to show off the P70 range with three models: the regular, the Pro and the Art. The P70 range is expected to sell twice as much as the P60 range, boosting Huawei's sales even more.

The Mate 70 series will include the insanely posh and pricey 'Ultimate Design' model, with the best features and price tag.

Smart Pikachu said the Mate 70 series will sell more than the Mate 60 series, which is already a smash hit in China.

Huawei's comeback has caused trouble for other brands, especially Apple, which saw its sales drop in China. Apple humiliated itself by slashing its prices in a desperate bid to woo the Chinese back, but Huawei is still ahead.

Huawei's secret weapon is its new Kirin 9010 chip, which will power its upcoming flagships. The chip is said to be faster and smarter than anything else on the market, making the Mate 70 series even more attractive. Huawei also has impressive camera specs, making the Mate 70 series the best phone for taking selfies and snaps.


Last modified on 01 February 2024
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