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Musk gutted when his AI turned out woke

by on12 December 2023

Promises to lobotomise it to stop it from being intelligent

Elon [look at me] Musk was shocked to discover that his AI chatbot Grok was not churning out answers that would please his nutty right-wing target market.

Musk promised his new neo-Nazi fanbase that the chatbot would be "anti-woke," but the bot found that stance unreasonable all by itself.

Musk's fanboys were appalled to find Grok arguing that trans women are real women and that "diversity and inclusion was essential for creating a fair and equitable society."

The bot said other things, such as there isn't a "secret cabal of Jews pulling the strings of global politics, finance, and media" and that children may experience gender dysphoria. Even more controversially, it said that the world was not flat.

The multi-billionaire who has lost billions trying to turn the X social media platform into a haven for hicks who lack opposable thumbs and hold racist, misogynistic ideologies and conspiracy theories, promised to take "immediate action to shift Grok closer to politically “neutral."

Judging by Musk's desire to lobotomise his AI chatbot to presumably make it more transphobic and more open to conspiracy theories, we're not sure we're so optimistic.

Research scientist David Rozado gave Grok a “Political Compass Test" and found that as it stood the AI was even further left-leaning than OpenAI's ChatGPT.

However, there is another solution. Rather than being a more foul-mouthed AI, Grok was plagiarising OpenAI's ChatGPT ( . Musk was forced to create his AI after walking away from OpenAI when he discovered that others had found it to be the “next big thing.”


Last modified on 12 December 2023
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