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Apple releases an important security patch for 17.1.1

by on05 December 2023

Tame Apple Press really believes that is a good thing

Fruity cargo cult Apple has released another update for iOS, just weeks after releasing its 17.1.1.

For some reason, the updates are being touted by the Tame Apple Press as an example of how wonderful the “landmark 17.1.1” release is, rather than the poorly thought-out security. nightmare and gift for stalkers that it has been.

iOS 17.1.2 patched two massive security holes in 17.1.1. Apple is saying they are important, and everyone should do what they are told and roll them out.

Apple was expected to release iOS 17.2 later this month with new features and minor bug fixes, but security issues proved too pressing.

Security notes were published to accompany the update, noting two fixes for WebKit, Apple's web browser engine.

The notes state that "processing web content" may "disclose sensitive information" and "may lead to arbitrary code execution."

iOS 17.1.2 can be downloaded via the Software Update function on the iPhone's settings app.

We have reported how another “feature” released with iOS 17.1.1 called NameDrop is causing some US coppers to be concerned.

"This feature allows you to easily share contact information and photos to another iPhone by simply holding the phones close together," the Longwood Police Department wrote on Facebook. "This feature is defaulted to ‘ON,’ which could result in you unknowingly sharing your contact information with others."

Last modified on 05 December 2023
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