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Apple abandons coming "super-cool" feature

by on17 August 2023

Even if it was already over hyped

The fruity cargo cult Apple has abandoned one of the few innovations in iOS 17 even if it has been hyped to the nines by the Tame Apple Press.

Since the summer began, the Tame Apple Press has become progressively more moist about Apple’s move red "end call" button to the lower right-hand corner.  For those with a life, Apple has had the button in the middle bottom half of the screen.

While the movement was not a big deal, it has been hotly debated by the Tame Apple Press who have become very excited and wasted considerable bandwidth on the change as if it were a cure for cancer.

Imagine their horror when the newest developer version of iOS 17 moved the "end call" button back.  Apple has not said why it has back peddled on one of the few differences in the coming operating system and the Tame Apple Press has been surprisingly quiet since the latest beta was announced.

Apple has form when it comes to getting cold feet about making product changes. In the summer of 2021, Apple considered a similar change to Safari that moved the URL bar to the bottom of the page, which is more ergonomic for most people using larger screens. Apple rolled back some of its planned changes and allowed users to move the URL bar back to the top of the page before the official software was released. In recent years, Apple has also moved where push notifications appear to the bottom of the iPhone’s screen.


Last modified on 17 August 2023
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