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SAP sees a bright future for AI

by on28 June 2023

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The maker of expensive management software, which no one can be sure what it does, SAP has had its eyes lighting up over generative AI, according to its CEO.

Chief Executive Officer Christian Klein told the business daily Handelsblatt he sees huge growth potential in generative AI technology,

"Currently, we at SAP address a $500 billion market. We assume that the potential will increase significantly through generative AI. The whole development is a huge growth driver for SAP," he said.

Klein mentioned human resources as an example of where the technology can be applied. "In the future, the system should be able to configure itself and automate work steps," he said.

The SAP CEO also said that generative AI can take over some administrative tasks, such as business appointment management.

SAP said in mid-May that it will deepen collaboration with Microsoft on joint generative AI projects in the field of personnel recruiting.


Last modified on 28 June 2023
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