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Mozilla says sorry for adverts

by on29 May 2023

Angry users fling fruit

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have said sorry after installing a full-page advert promoting Mozilla VPN on Firefox.

Users found Mozilla’s approach to promoting their paid VPN service to be aggressive and unexpected from a company that claims to be user-centric and respectful of their choices.

Once the full-screen ad takes over the interface, all the other options are greyed out, making it impossible for the user to access the menu or scroll further without closing the ad.

Some users on Reddit have also complained that even after closing the ad, the browser remained inactive for up to 30 seconds. Sometimes, the user had to end the process and start from scratch.

Mozilla comes with built-in ad blockers specially designed for those users who need an escape from the constant bombardment of ads on Chrome or Edge.

What hacked off the Redditors is that Mozilla made its promotional activities immune to the ad blocker is rather shameful.

They started to deal with it by sending bug reports and Mozilla immediately took down the ad.

This isn’t the first time that Mozilla has managed to annoy users with their intrusive ads. In 2020, Mozilla forced push notifications about its blog about the StopHateForProfit coalition.

In another similar incident, the company forced ads of Mr. Robot on the users.


Last modified on 29 May 2023
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