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Aussies come up with 1.1TB DVD

by on21 May 2009


All your porn in 10 disks

Aussie boffins
have come up with a DVD which can store 1.1TB.

The technology uses a new technique to store multiple pieces of data in exactly the same location-up to ten layers deep. Each layer on the disk is filled with gold nanorods that are conditioned to respond only to particular types of light. When the storage medium is illuminated by a laser of a specific colour and polarisation, only the right nanorods are activated and read.

The boffins are yet to show the technique working on a rotating disk. However they have got the laser to look at a single piece of plastic. Not only is it more efficient than standard DVD formats, it is also much more durable. Once written  the data can last for a jolly long time because it is protected by the gold nanorods.

Of course it is all blue sky stuff at the moment, but it is starting to look as if the DVD style disk shape is going to be around for a very long time.
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