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Big Tech tries to hire fired workers back

by on17 April 2023

At lower rates and without benefits

Some of Seattle's biggest tech companies are trying to hire back recently sacked workers through agencies where they will go back to the same office with less salary and zero company benefits.

The offers come from third-party recruiters eager to place workers at the companies they just left for contract positions rather than staff positions. They would come with an end date, a lower salary, no benefits, and no stock options.

Workers say that they are shocked by the offer. One who was laid off from Amazon has heard from several recruiters looking specifically for people with Amazon experience.

In one response, the former Amazonian passed this message to the recruiter: "Tell Amazon if they want an engineer, they can just not fire me later this month."

To be fair, it might not be a case of companies firing workers in the hope they can get them back much cheaper. Tech companies often ask recruiters to find workers who have already worked at their company, particularly when hiring for a contract position that would require a worker to get up to speed quickly.

One former Microsoft worker told the Seattle Times "I do have a sense of pride. There's no way I want to go back making half the amount."


Last modified on 17 April 2023
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