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Apple slashes bonuses and expenses

by on16 March 2023

But no staff cuts yet

While most tech companies are following a 19th century employment strategy and firing workers at the slight hint of a recession, the fruity cargo cult Apple appears to be doing something more intelligent.

Jobs' Mob is delaying bonuses for some corporate divisions, and has limited hiring. When an Apple staffer flees the cult they are not replaced.

Like most 19th century organisations, and the rest of Big Tech, senior employees who are directors or at an even higher designation are reportedly unaffected by any changes and their bonuses have been arriving quarterly. 

The only people Apple has let go have been some contractors. It has also cut pay for its CEO Tim Cook.

While all this seems rather good and progressive for Apple, some employees and retail workers have already cited concerns that their working hours and office days are being more closely scrutinised, fearing that this could be used as the basis for their firing. A few have also noted that they feel like they are being encouraged to quit themselves by being asked to work more than they are contractually obligated to.


Last modified on 16 March 2023
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