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Firefox and Chrome might appear on iOS

by on08 February 2023

Apple considering letting through rivals

Mozilla and Google have apparently sent their teams back to work developing separate versions of their existing browser apps in the hope that Apple might lift its restrictions on side apps rather than declare a "special operation" on the EU.

For those who came in late, the fruity cargo cult Apple has refused to allow side apps on its iOS operating system because... well just because. This has attracted the attention of the EU which thinks that Jobs Mob is using its App store policies as a way to shut out the opposition.

Apple has decided to comply with the EU legislation by allowing third-party app stores and sideloading apps on iOS. However, app developers may not be able to bypass Apple's extortionate 30 per cent fees, as Apple still plans to charge a fee even with sideloading in iOS. However, the Tame Apple Press claims that Apple devices and services will be much more open than they are currently -- which is a pretty low bar.

Mozilla and Google are rushing to get their apps ready to take advantage of Apple's loosening of control.

Mozilla said that at the moment it was just doing some exploratory work to understand the technical challenges for Gecko-based browsers on iOS if those policies were to change.

"We hope the day will come when people can freely decide to use the browser of their choice, including the opportunity to select the engine that underpins it."

Apple changes are likely to be coming with iOS 17 later this year.

Google has not made an announcement yet, but is understood to be towards a release date around this time.

There is no news at this time if Microsoft is developing a version of Edge.


Last modified on 08 February 2023
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