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Google fired employees by email

by on30 January 2023

Then locked out

Some Google employees were shocked to get to work and discovered that they have been fired. 

The search engine outfit made the caring and sharing approach to HR by firing shedloads of employees by email. On the plus side this meant that managers did not have to face angry or depressed staff as they counted their bonus money. Negatively, it meant that if staff didnt check their email over the weekend they arrived at work to be discovered they had been locked out of the office and this is what happened.

Staff complained that security guards were rather efficient about checking badges and ordered staff to scan them to discover if they have been fired.

Google insists that is not true and that all New York employees were required to tap their badges at the entrance to enter the facilities.

Daniel Roberts, editor at Decrypt Media, earlier tweeted about the Google employees who weren't able to enter the office after their badges didn't work.

More than 12,000 employees have been laid off, but as one staff member put it getting laid-off via email was "a slap in the face."

To make matters worse, Google is still hiring but cannot be bothered helping fired staff take the new slots. Laid-off employees must apply externally like any other candidate. While Google might want some of its old loyal staff back, reports in some newspapers suggest that Google's 19th century HR methods have turned them against the outfit forever.

This might have something to do with the fact that staff have worked hard to give Google $69.1 billion of third quarter revenues up six per cent versus last year or up 11 per cent  on a constant currency basis. The company told investors that financial results for the third quarter reflect healthy fundamental growth in Search and momentum in Cloud, while affected by foreign exchange. 

Google joins big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon that announced this month that they will be laying off thousands of their employees. More than 55,3000 employees will have been impacted by layoffs in 2023.


Last modified on 30 January 2023
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