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Huawei learns how extreme ultraviolet lithography works

by on03 January 2023

China no longer depends on Dutch or US tech

Huawei is now able to create chips using extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) which means that it finally has a foot in the door of serious chip development.

The company was sanctioned by the US under former President Donald Trump to prevent the Chinese from becoming better at making advanced chips than the US.  Before that, Huawei had to buy chipmaking kit from the Dutch outfit ASML just like Intel, Samsung, and TSMC.

Trump's clever move to crush competition appears to have only forced the Chinese to move up a gear and develop their own version of the technology.

Huawei’s Chairman Eric Xu declared that the company is now out of crisis mode following the imposition of Western sanctions and is good to go.

Now that it has cracked the EUV process, consumers that buy Huawei devices should benefit from better-performing chips. It’s not clear how long it will take for the company to start using this process for commercial devices.

What will worry the United States is that after it had spent so long trying to run the company out of Europe for the crime of providing cheap gear, it is now free to flog high tech chips to countries who are on the Land of the Free's list of countries which should not have high tech gear -- including Russia, North Korea, and Iran. If only the US had known in advance that the Chinese were clever enough to work out the technology, they would not have made the whole sanctions mistake. 


Last modified on 03 January 2023
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