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Windows 11 is still not faster than Windows 10 on Intel

by on03 January 2023

Only better at handling some workloads 

When software King of the World Microsoft released Windows 11 it said that it would be faster than Windows 10 because it was optimised for more modern hardware, however, the latest figures show that they are still pretty much on par.

When Windows 11 came out though the pundets were swift to point out that the claim was rubbish and in fact, Windows 10 was actually faster. Since then Windows 11 has been catching up at least in the case of certain workloads.

PCWorld just tested a Raptor Lake-S Core i9-13900K on Windows 11 22H2 and compared it against Windows 10 22H2. Raptor Lake succeeds Alder Lake and is built on top of the same Performance Hybrid architecture.

While there indeed were instances where Windows 11 was better, there were many scenarios where it was not. And Windows 10 also came out ahead on quite a few occasions.

Overall, it looks like the latest versions of Windows 11 and Windows 10 are still trading blows with one another, just like they had been when Windows 11 was first made available. To be fair to Vole, there is not much difference between them with single-digit performance differentials, but it does mean that upgrading is still pointless.


Last modified on 03 January 2023
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