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Global IT skills shortage speeding up digitalisation

by on22 December 2022

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The global skills shortage combined with an ageing workforce and more workers retiring is accelerating digitisation of plant operations in the industrial sector, a new report from leading independent research and advisory firm Verdantix shows.

Verdantix interviewed 301 senior executives in North America, Europe, South America, South Africa, India, Australia, China and the Gulf States responsible for operational excellence initiatives at firms with revenues of at least $250 million.

Some 86% of survey respondents say a shortage of skilled workers is a significant or very significant factor driving increased digitisiation while 85 per cent point to an ageing workforce as important factors.

More than 83 per cent say they plan to increase spending on operational excellence initiatives during 2023 with around half expecting to increase spending by ten per cent or more during the year.

The report Global Corporate Survey 2022: Operational Excellence Budgets, Priorities & Tech Preferences says macroeconomic factors are having an impact on spending – 89 per cent of respondents said cost-cutting is a significant or very significant influence on digitisation. Mobile apps, enterprise asset management and asset performance management software help boost efficiency and downtime on machinery.

The sector is benefiting from new technology such as AI and machine learning – 87 per cent of respondents say new technologies are enhancing data management at industrial firms particularly from devices such as wearable technology. They can also upload real-time locations data, detect toxic gases or high temperatures and sense abnormal behaviour.

Key ESG priorities in the operational excellence sector include sourcing green electricity –  about a half rate it as a high priority ahead of replacing ageing equipment and cutting emissions and energy consumption.

Verdantix Industry Analyst Joe Lamming, said : “Labour shortages have gripped industrial firms worldwide since the COVID-19 pandemic subsided and put even greater pressure on heavy industry to explore digital solutions. Expanding data acquisition, establishing robust data management processes and driving advanced analytics will help get the best hands, eyes and ears on-site at the right time. Successful industrial software vendors will offer scalable, self-service solutions to key pain points where data management and integration with existing systems is prioritised”


Last modified on 22 December 2022
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