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Companies consider firing remote staff

by on06 October 2022

The new underclass of corporate slaves

Companies looking to fire staff to save money to give their senior executives bonuses, might be looking to getting rid of remote workers first.

A report from KPMG said that most CEOs in the US think a recession is on the horizon and coming in the next 12 months, while 86 per cent of CEOs globally feel the same way.

In America, half of the CEOs say they're considering workforce reductions during the next six months -- and in the global survey overall, eight in ten CEOs say the same.

The report said that remote workers or those who do not want to come into the office so much will be the first to go, according to a majority (60 per cent) of 3,000 managers polled by, a presentation software provider. Another 20 per cent were undecided, and the remaining 20 per cent said it wasn't likely.

What is interesting about the two reports is that it indicates that lay offs are not about saving companies money. Remote workers save companies piles of dosh.

What this appears to be about is that remote workers are an underclass who managers can ignore because they are not seen in the office to make a physical impact. It is a lot harder to fire someone who you know has a wife and 13 children to support and you know works really hard.

Secondly, managers really hate it when staff skip their pointless meetings with long powerpoint presentations even if the work is getting done.

Thirdly if you fire a huge number of remote workers, who is going to notice? And thus remote workers become the new company underclass.


Last modified on 06 October 2022
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