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Iphone 14 ships with an out-of-date OS

by on14 September 2022

Update on day one

Fruity-cargo cult Apple did not ship its latest iOS in its iPhone 14 release for reasons known only to Steve Jobs.

Apple fanboys are furious that rather than seeing their new iPhone 14s work at their “full glory” out of the box, like most products. Instead they have to update the operating system right away.

This is because Apple failed to ship its latest and greatest phones with the latest and greatest version of OS16.

The (unofficial) Twitter account Apple Software Updates, which reports on new software updates for the company’s products, has revealed that the latest generation of iPhones will ship with “an earlier version of iOS 16,” and explains that customers will get a day-one update to the final release build.

According to the release notes, the day-one update provides a number of bug fixes, including one issue that “may cause some photos to appear soft when zooming in landscape orientation on iPhone 14 Pro Max.”

This is not the only time that Apple has released hardware with out-of-date software. Apple Software Updates separately notes that the new Apple Watch Series 8 also has a day-one update. The same thing happened last year with the iPhone 13 and two iPad models when a serious bug that prevented users from playing Apple Music tracks presented on launch day in 2021 and had to be patched with a software update.


Last modified on 14 September 2022
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