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XGIMI projector doubles as a lamp and speaker

by on26 August 2022

Ceiling mounted 

XGIMI has released a Magic Lamp projector that combines a ceiling lamp, projector, and Bluetooth audio speaker into a single package.

This isn’t the first ceiling lamp projector from the company as they released one back in 2018 but this seems to be the first that also contained the speakers.

The XGIMI optical team developed and manufactured a special optical machine for the XGIMI magic lamp, taking advantage of its central location. Different from other short-throw/ultra-short-throw projectors, the XGIMI Magic Lamp has a non-destructive axis shift of 32° which is a super large angle.

This means that screens can be freely adjusted up and down within a range of a meter, allowing users to lower the height as much as they like.

The height of the picture can achieve almost above-head pictures that can be viewed while lying in your bed. Also the picture can be raised appropriately, so that even if curious children jump against the wall, they will not enter the light range of the picture.

The Magic Lamp has a built-in Harman/Kardon sound system, various IoT integration options, and a borderless projection display.

Unfortunately, this latest XGIMI projector is only coming to China and will cost $1,170. 


Last modified on 26 August 2022
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