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Acer shows US $5000 priced Predator Z850 gaming projector

by on01 April 2016

High-end gaming projector with 1920x720 resolution

Acer has unveiled a new and rather expensive member of its Predator gaming lineup, the Predator Z850 gaming projector with a US $5000 price tag.

According to information provided by Acer, the Predator Z850 is the world's first ultra-wide HD laser projector which is designed specifically for gaming.

It comes with a laser diode with 30,000 hour life and pushes a rather strange 1920x720 resolution, which is a 24:9 aspect ratio. The rest of the known specifications include 3,000 lumens of brightness and 100,000;1 contrast ratio. It also comes with two D-Sub, two HDMI and RCA inputs and can also be paired up with an optional wireless HD kit. 

One thing that caught our attention is the "mirror-less ultra-short-throw technology" which allows the Predator Z850 to project an image of up to 120-inches from just 18.5 inches away (47cm). 

While all these specifications and features might sound impressive, the Acer Predator Z850 gaming projector is obviously reserved for those with deeper pockets as it comes with a hefty US $5000 price tag. While it did not provide a precise availability date, Acer did note it should be coming soon. 

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