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Seagate launches world's first USB-C powered 8TB external HDD

by on02 April 2016

Available later this month for $349

On Wednesday, Seagate announced Innov8, the world’s first power adapter-less USB 3.1 Type-C external hard drive for desktops. The drive is available in an 8TB storage capacity and does not require any power cable to operate, using only a single USB Type-C connector as a source of both power and data.

Seagate claims that in the world of consumer electronics, there is an abundance of external hard drives that still require additional power adapters, and with technologies like 10Gbps USB Type-C capable of delivering up to 100 watts at 20 volts over a single cable, this really does not have to be the case anymore.
seagate innov8 8tb side

Seagate is calling its power adapter-less technology “Ignition Boost,” which allows the drive to operate solely from USB 3.1 Type-C bus power without a dedicated power source.
seagate innov8 desktop connectivity

The single-cabled Innov8 external hard drive features all-aluminum housing with a chiseled design and basically looks like six Pop Tarts stacked on top of one another. It measures 208mm long by 123.6mm wide by 36mm tall (8.19 x 4.87 x 1.42 inches) and weighs 1.5kg (3.31 pounds).

seagate innov8 box 1

Seagate’s Innov8 8TB HDD is a recipient of this year’s Red Dot design award, and the design was created in partnership with Huge-Design, a firm that has contributed to top consumer brands in the past including Nike, HP and GoPro.
seagate innov8 box 2

“Creating an extreme design that visually celebrates Seagate’s world-class engineering capabilities was a key objective of this engagement,” said Bill Webb, Huge-Design. “Innov8 builds on Seven’s success to once again convey the functional beauty of an internal hard drive, but with enough capacity to help ensure seemingly endless space to store the memories we all love. The drive represents a bold yet practical solution for today’s consumer, looking to preserve a wealth of memories in the most compelling way possible.”

The Innov8 8TB (STFG8000400) is backed by a 2 year limited warranty and will be available later this month for $349.99.

Last modified on 02 April 2016
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