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Chrome is faster on macOS than Safari

by on08 March 2022

Apple’s software genii strike again

Fruity cargo cult Apple’s programming skills have been again called into question as it turned out that its software genii can’t even make Safari fast on its on MacOS.

As Google announced today, version 99 of Chrome on macOS manages to score 300 points on the Speedometer benchmark, which was originally developed by Apple's WebKit team.

To be fair, Google points out, is the fastest performance of any browser yet but it is particularly galling for Apple who are incredibly secret squirrel about its operating system and argue that the walled garden approach means better software.

Speedometer 2.0 tests for responsiveness, which makes it a good proxy for user experience. It's been a while since competition in the browser market focused on speed, especially now that most vendors bet on the same Chromium codebase to build their browsers (with the exception of Mozilla's Firefox and Apple's WebKit-based Safari).

The Tame Apple Press insists that it is not laziness on Apple’s side. It was just that the technology was mature and “we're just not seeing major breakthroughs these days.” If only there were a real innovative company out there making advanced products.


Last modified on 08 March 2022
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