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Microsoft managers want their staff back in the office

by on15 February 2022

Getting the white boards ready

Software King of the World Microsoft has warned its worker Voles that they will need to be back in the office next month to hear their managers give long dull speeches about kicking balls running and paradigms. 

Since Covid kicked in, Microsoft Voles have been beavering away from home, and actually using its software that millions of others of workers have been using throughout the pandemic. However, it appears that Microsoft managers have been feeling completely useless because people have been getting on with their jobs and not having to waste their time on pointless meetings about cheese being moved.  

Vole said that it would embrace a hybrid work environment, with most employees able to work from home up to half of the time.

In a Monday morning blog post focused on its headquarters near Seattle, Chris Capossela, an executive, said that starting 28 February "employees will have 30 days to make adjustments to their routines and adopt the working preferences they've agreed upon with their managers."

Capossela cited the high vaccination rates in King County, where most employees live, and declining hospitalisations and deaths in the state as factors in the decision. Residents in King County, which includes Seattle, are among the most vaccinated in the country, with more than 91 percent of those who are five or older having received at least one shot. 

While the announcement was focused on the company's home state, where most of Microsoft's employees are based many of Microsoft locations will follow suit as conditions allow.

To be fair Microsoft was the first major employer to shutter its offices in March 2020 which means that its managers have had really little to do now that they have no meetings to set up or attend and online meetings were just not the same.


Last modified on 15 February 2022
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