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UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC Earbuds Immerse Yourself in the Moment

by on25 January 2022

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Dual ANC, Diamond-Like Carbon moving coil, Improved Fit, and 6 ENC Mics 

The last few generations of phones come without Omni popular 3.5mm headphone jack, and the development lead to an increase in the popularity of Bluetooth headphones. UGREEN launched HiTune X6 Noise Cancelling Earbuds powered by Qualcomm® QCC3040 SoC and supporting Qualcomm ApteX codec and Bluetooth 5.1. It is available to our readers via Amazon for a special price with discount code 10HITUNEX6. 

UGREEN HiTune X6 comes with active Noise-canceling, excellent sound quality, 50ms low latency, and comes with an improved fit. All this comes before 6-hour playtime and a 26-hour additional charge in the headphones case. They also support real-time syncing during gaming or watching videos.

The HiTune X6 True Wireless Earbuds offer superb sound quality with aptX™ powered by the Qualcomm® QCC3040 SoC.

UGREEN is very excited to announce the new HiTune X6 earbuds. The X6s are the next step in the evolution of the X-series and an improvement over the X6 model. UGREEN is seeking to disrupt the earbuds market. The goal of the X6s is to provide an immersive listening experience with expert audio engineering without breaking the bank. 

The UGREEN Acoustic lab has systematically made improvements to every aspect of the previous X6 model. The X6s were designed for a relaxing listening retreat for people who need to escape the chaos of their daily lives. 

  1. 35dB Dual ANC: The X6s' dual ANC can offer up to 35dB of noise reduction in addition to the earbuds' natural passive noise reduction. Perfect for a noisy commute or drowning out the noise of the city. 

  2. Higher Fidelity Diamond-Like Carbon: The R&D team has designed a new 10mm dynamic driver using a diamond-like carbon moving coil. This will provide a crisp sound, maintain excellent sound details, enable better high and low-frequency performance, and improve the longevity of the dynamic driver.
  3. Improved Fit: The X6 earbuds are smaller, lighter, and have better ergonomics. Based on feedback from our customers, the size of the earbuds has been slightly altered to rest in the ear better. Additionally, the glossy finish has been replaced with a metallic finish, to avoid smudging.
  4. 6 MEMS Mics & ENC: In addition to ANC, the X6s also have ENC with Real Clear Voice 4.0 and 6 MEMS mics for clearer call quality. This allows the earbuds' mics to filter out up to 90% of background noise during phone calls.
  5. 50ms Ultra Low-Latency Audio: The X6s' Gaming Mode lowers audio latency to 50ms. This is fast enough audio delivery that the brain cannot register the delay and the X6 earbuds can provide an immersive video game experience. 

The HiTune X6 True Wireless Earbuds offer superb sound quality with aptX™ powered by the Qualcomm® QCC3040 SoC, along with a unique design at an affordable price point. Best of all, they have been designed to meet the needs of every user. With low-latency transmission, a rock-solid Bluetooth 5.1 connection, CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation, and 26 hours of playtime, the HiTune X6s are a reliable choice no matter what the day has in store. 


Premium Sound Quality with Qualcomm aptX™ and Superbass 

The HiTune X6s are powered by a Qualcomm® QCC 3040 SoC that supports the aptX™ codec. Users benefit from a greater depth of sound and a more precise audio experience, whether listening to music, making calls or gaming on the go. The performance of the aptX powered sound is incredible, especially in this price category.


A pair of 10mm dynamic drivers with dual-flexible diaphragms boost performance in mid-to-low frequencies. Also, UGREEN's signature Superbass Low-frequency Enhancement Technology boosts the audio experience for rock, rap, and hip-hop tracks. Together these two features provide a punchy bass well beyond what acoustic architecture of this size is usually capable of. 


Performance and immersion are taken to the next level with 50ms low-latency audio and dependable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. 

DLC Speaker Unit is the essence of the 10mm Diamond-Like Carbon dynamic driver, offering outstanding extension and sensitivity, richer detail and low distortion, a more natural, real, and deeper audio.

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) has some of the valuable properties of diamond, including high levels of hardness and low levels of friction. A DLC headset's diaphragm is harder than natural diamond and slicker than Teflon. The excellent hardness allows the DLC headsets to have great high-frequency performance. The DLC earbuds' diaphragms are able to produce crystal clear responses to high-frequency segments of music. Another great physical property of the DLC diaphragm is low friction. The low friction coefficient provides a very smooth, fluid low-frequency music listening experience to users.

Apart of aprX codec, the earbuds support AAC/SBC codecs offering a premium listening experience. HiTune X6's offers high resolution and punchy bass for a truly immersive audio experience for music and movies.

Style Meets Substance

The HiTune X6s have been designed to deliver an audio experience that's as comfortable as it is immersive. With an ergonomic in-ear design that features an oval-shaped stem, the X6s provide a smart middle-ground between conventional buds and short-stemmed earphones. 

The unique design of the HiTune X6's shorter stems are optimized for stability. The 30-degree in-ear angle ensures a snug fit that matches the natural contours of the ear.

TWS earbuds have become trend-setting accessories. The HiTune X6s add a touch of elegance with a signature design reminiscent of a starry night sky, exploring a harmonious relationship between music, nature, and life.


Active Noise-canceling

The headphones are able to eliminate up to -35dB of the external Noise for truly immersive sound (35dB Dual ANC). This is an incredible result, and a tight seal also helps to effectively isolates background noise. HiTune X6 earbuds can reduce 90% of the external Noise during phone calls using 6 ENC mics with RCV 4.0 for environmental Noise canceling.

A Seamless TrueWireless Experience

The latest Bluetooth upgrade provides unparalleled audio stability and video synchronization with reduced interference. And with it comes Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology for seamless performance improvements while you listen. 

TrueWireless Mirroring ensures the Bluetooth connection automatically adjusts from one earbud to the other, for a superior experience free from audio dropouts.


Crystal-clear Calls You Can Depend On

The HiTune X6 True Wireless Earbuds offer ultra-clear call quality thanks to built-in ENC noise cancellation (enabled by four MEMS microphones) and an advanced CVC 8.0 (Clear Voice Capture) algorithm, which effectively filters out 91% of ambient sounds and echoes. Make crystal-clear calls no matter the background noise. 

TWS Earbuds That Match You Step For Step

No matter your plans, the HiTune X6s will last as long as you need. Users can expect seven hours of playback on a single charge and a total of 28 hours with the portable charging case. The USB-C charging case can be maxed out in 90 minutes. A quick 15 minutes of power will provide up to an hour of audio. 


On top of an impressive battery life, UGREEN's latest TWS earbuds are IPX6 waterproof, ensuring sweat and water splashes from gym workouts or outdoor activities won't stop you in your tracks.  

Improved fit

HiTune X6s also come smaller, lighter, and with better ergonomics compared to a predecessor model. Featuring a metallic finish to avoid smudging the overall look giving it a premium feel. They come with 3 pairs of soft silicone earpieces in different size made from soft silicone for a comfortable fit.

Most importantly they won't fall out during your fitness workout due to its improved fit.


You can get them at Amazon and with discount code 10HITUNEX6 you will get them at quite an affordable price. 


Last modified on 25 January 2022
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