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Colleges start to abandon remote learning

by on22 November 2021

Mixed results

The president emeritus of the Great Lakes College Association, Richard A. Detweile,r has penned an article that says "nearly all colleges have re-adopted in-person education this fall, despite delta variant risks.

"As it turns out, student enthusiasm for remote learning is mixed at best, and in some cases, students have sued their colleges for refunds. But it is not simply student opinion that has driven this reversion to face-to-face education."

The university said students are far better off with in-person learning than with online approaches. Recent research indicates that the effects of remote learning have been negative.

Brookings Institution Stephanie Riegg said that "bachelor's degree students in online programmes perform worse on nearly all test score measures — including math, reading, writing, and English — relative to their counterparts in similar on-campus programmes".

The Universities are leaning on research on human learning consistently finds that the social context of learning is critical, and the emotions involved in effective human relations play an essential role in learning.

Since empirical research documents the powerful impact of meaningful human relationships on learning while in college as well as on graduate's adult lives, and people believe it matters, do we dare replace it with technology?  Detweiler wrote. 

Detweiler, however, failed to mention the move means isolating those students who refuse or fear vaccination. Many universities which are returning to in-presence classes are insisting on campus vaccination. This means that only the vaccinated will receive tertiary education, but since it is considered OK for those who refuse to be vaccinated to be discriminated against and have their human rights taken away, who cares what they think?


Last modified on 22 November 2021
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