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Microsoft worth $2 trillion

by on23 June 2021

So, you didn’t need to be an evil empire after all

While Microsoft might have floundered around for years being an evil empire, it appears that it is only after it stopped playing monopoly that it made some serious money.

Microsoft shares have gone up .1 percent on Tuesday and is up more than 20 percent this year making the company worth a cool trillion.

It is behind Apple which was valued at the $2 trillion mark in August and has yet to see consequences for its advanced monopoly game play.

Microsoft however has done some impressive things since the days it angered regulators trying to prop up Windows.  It has embraced open source, the cloud and generally managed to keep its nose clean.  In fact, even recently Microsoft was attacked by a paid Google politician for not being evil enough 

That said we miss the days of Steve Ballmer. While he may not have made as much money for Microsoft he at least was the very model of a modern major monopolist and was at least more fun.

Last modified on 23 June 2021
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