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Trump is not getting his Facebook account back

by on06 May 2021

Advisors say it is up to Board now

Donald Trump's Facebook account should not be reinstated, the social media giant's oversight board said barring an imminent return to the platform.

Facebook suspended Trump's account after the Capitol attack of 6 January, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed Congress in an attempt to overturn the former president's defeat by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Trump was initially suspended from Facebook and Instagram for 24 hours, because of two posts shared to the platform in which he appeared to praise the actions of the rioters.

The company then extended the president's ban "at least until the end of his time in office". His account was suspended indefinitely pending the decision of the oversight board, a group of appointed academics and former politicians meant to operate independently of Facebook's corporate leadership.

While that would be the end of matters for normal mortals, in this case, the board sent the final decision over Trump's account back to Facebook itself, suggesting the platform make a decision in six months regarding what to do with Trump's account and whether it will be permanently deleted.


Last modified on 06 May 2021
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