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Apple tries to mine Facebook data

by on06 April 2021

Facebook says no

Apple is so desperate to win its antitrust case with Epic it is hitting up other big tech empires in the hope it can dig up some dirt.

Apple thought that it would use some of Facebook's wealth of informational resources to help it emerge victorious against the Fortnite creator and demanded that the social notworker give it 17,000 documents.

However, in a move that should not surprise the fruity cargo cult, Facebook  which has publicly sided with Epic Games in this dispute - refuses to produce the documents that Apple is asking for despite receiving several subpoenas.

To make matters worse, Steve Satterfield, Facebook's Director of Privacy and Public Policy at Facebook has gone on record saying that the court needs to understand the far-reaching impact of Apple's unfair policies.

Apple claimed that Facebook had been stonewalling the Cupertino-based tech giant until Facebook finally admitted on March 29 that it had no intentions on producing any more documents for Apple.

Facebook claims that it has already provided Apple with 1,600 documents. "If Apple believed that production was insufficient in any way, it had every opportunity to move to compel within seven days of the close of discovery as required by the Court’s Rules. Apple chose not to, making this motion untimely", Facebook said in the court filing.

Facebook added that Apple's request would require it to produce an overwhelming number of documents: more than 17,000.

The company said that it should not be forced to review tens of thousands of documents because Apple wants to go "fishing for some theoretical cross material".

Last modified on 06 April 2021
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