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Apple fanboy shocked when Jobs’ Mob copies Microsoft

by on08 March 2021

Matyszczyk living with Edge

Apple fanboy and “Technically Incorrect" columnist Chris Matyszczyk must have thought he was onto a winner when he gave into the Microsoft pestering to download and try the new Edge.

After all, he could pen a snarky article about how he started using the browser, list all the things that went wrong and reassure his readers that he was back in the bosom of the Holy Church of Jobs after all the terrors he experienced.

However, while Edge is pretty much the same as every other browser out there, Matyszczyk discovered there was something changed in his Mac when he started using Edge.

“Last week, I opened Edge, only to get a big surprise. In the top right-hand corner of my MacBook Air, there appeared a message. From Apple. "TRY THE NEW SAFARI," shouted the headline. The text added: "Fast, energy-efficient and with a beautiful design."

Matyszczyk said he “gasped in wonder” we guess he was not used to Apple caring what he did so long as he sent them lots of money for out of date technology.

“I stared and then, naturally, took a screenshot. The notifications in the top right-hand corner of my screen are usually confined to declarations of a pending update, or a nag about my last backup. But never actually selling. I have never seen an Apple ad appear there. I don't think I've ever seen Apple instantly react to my opening any rival's product on my MacBook Air.”

This appears to puzzle Matyszczyk because if he opens Microsoft Word, Apple does not tap him on the shoulder and aggressively suggests he use its piss poor Pages software.

With Microsoft’s browser fast becoming a number two, it appears that Apple is getting increasingly concerned that its fanboys might be lured to Microsoft. Today the browser, tomorrow the operating system, and then Apple will lose them forever.


Last modified on 08 March 2021
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