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Apple's search bots can't stop talking about Apple

by on09 November 2020

Just like Apple fanboys

Apple's search bots have been leaking Apple's internal IPs, a security researcher has discovered.

According to Bleeping Computer, the Applebot webcrawler was apparently written by the same crack programmers who bought you a clock which could not manage daylight saving. Security researcher and podcast creator David Coomber found out that Applebot had been using a proxy that leaked Apple's internal IP addresses.

Writing in his bog he said: "Although I've seen a couple of bots that were misconfigured, I was surprised to see Apple's Podcast bot look for updates to my podcast (Deep House Mixes) using a proxy which leaked internal IPs and hostnames from the 'Via' & 'X-Forwarded-For' headers."

Products like Siri and Spotlight Suggestions use Applebot so as you would expect Apple put its finest programming minds on the problem and swiftly fix it.  Actually they didn't. Coomber said it told Apple nine months.


Last modified on 09 November 2020
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