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Nvidia Jetson Nano kit out

by on06 October 2020

Hobby kit for kids and evil geniuses interested in creating robots

Nvidia has debuted the Jetson Nano 2GB, a new developer kit for students and hobbyists with an interest in robotics.

For those not in the know, the Jetson Nano 2GB is geared towards robotics enthusiasts, students, and educators that want to enter the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

Nvidia says the entry-level Jetson Nano 2GB has been priced at $59 -- including online tutorials and certification -- to "make AI easily accessible for all."

The Jetson Nano 2GB is supported by the Nvidia JetPack software development kit (SDK), the device comes with Nvidia container runtime and a full Linux environment suitable for software development.

Powered by CUDA-X, a collection of libraries and tools designed to support AI-based features, data processing, machine learning (ML), and deployment, the kit "allows developers to package their applications for Jetson with all its dependencies into a single container that is designed to work in any deployment, Nvidia said.

Free online training and certification are on offer, alongside open source projects, tutorials, and how-tos already contributed by thousands of Jetson developers.

It's currently available for pre-order, but orders won't start shipping until the end of the month.

Last modified on 06 October 2020
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