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Pornhub demand stiffened as Zoom went down

by on26 August 2020

It seemed people went elsewhere

Users of the video conferencing software Zoom, who were presumably working from home, did not seem to be overly concerned when a major outage prevented them from attending online meetings.

Zoom was down between 8 am  and 2 pm and the traffic managers at the rather large US porn streaming company Pornhub noticed a huge spike in traffic while Zoom was down. Traffic across the United Kingdom increased by as much at 5.6 percent at 11 a.m and the East Coast of the US by 6.2 per cent. Since these locations make up nearly half of Pornhub’s daily traffic, it means that the outfit saw a major shift in mid-day porn viewership.  Unless Pornhub is lubricating the figures, but we dont really see any reason.

 This wasn’t the first time that an outage caused an increase in Pornhub’s traffic. In March of 2019 both Facebook and Instagram were down for several hours, leading to a 19 percent surge in traffic to Pornhub.


Last modified on 26 August 2020
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