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MSI spills more beans on upcoming products

by on26 February 2009


Thin notebooks, nettops, rebranding

MSI has released more details on some of its upcoming products, to be showcased at CeBIT.

We already talked about its thin and light notebooks, the X340 and X600, and the company released a bit more info on them. As we reported earlier, the 13.4-inch X340 MacBook Air clone will be based on Intel's CULV platform and it weighs 1.3kg. It will be available in black, gold and white.

More interestingly, there's some new info on the X600, which features a similar design, but it packs a spacious 15.6-inch panel in a thin 2kg body. It too will be based on the CULV platform, but the form factor is quite innovative, as even the lightest 15.4-inch laptops weigh around the 2.5kg mark. In fact, most 12.1 and 13.3-inch machines weigh just under 2kg, so the X600 will really be in a class of its own.

Apart from new notebooks, MSI will also showcase the new 20-inch Wind Top AE2010 all-in-one PC based on AMD's 780G chipset. The company has renamed its all-in-one PC series from Wind Neton to Wind Top, while its nettops will now be branded Wind Box, much like Asus' Eee PC nettops.

The company will also showcase a new GTX 260 graphics card. It claims the card is designed to military specs, and features higher durability and longer life span. We fail to see any point in making a ruggedized graphics card, but this is what happens when you let marketing people run amok.

MSI will also present its improved Eclipse Plus performance motherboard at the show.
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