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Acer's slim Aspire One spec'd

by on26 February 2009


A bit of a let down


Revealed yesterday, Acer's skinny and sleek Aspire One netbook turned quite a few heads. Acer currently has only two netbooks to offer, the 8.9-inch Aspire One which is apparently to be phased out in coming months, and the new D150 10-incher, so a new model would spice up it offer a bit.

Unfortunately, the slim Aspire One doesn't seem to feature anything exciting under the bonnet. It's reportedly still based on the N270 Atom, has 1GB of memory, 10-inch 1024x600 screen and 160GB of storage. If correct, these specs are a bit of a let down, as the recently launched D150 features the slightly faster N280 Atom on a faster bus.

Also, the new Aspire One ships with a 3-cell battery, unlike the 6-cell unit on the D150. Details are still sketchy, and obviously unconfirmed by Acer, but we'll probably know more come CeBIT. Hopefully the new netbook will get 3G, and an N280 CPU in upcoming SKUs.

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