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Apple wins restraining order against fanboy

by on24 February 2020

Why can't you just give us all your money like the other fanboys?

Fruity cargo cult Apple has won a temporary restraining order against an Apple Fanboy who showed his love for the company by stalking and harassing its executives.

Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma began calling Apple executives and leaving “disturbing” voicemails. That behaviour escalated last December when Sharma trespassed onto Cook’s Palo Alto property, attempting to hand-deliver flowers and a bottle of champagne, according to the court documents. Sharma had allegedly entered through “a closed gate without permission” but given that is a normal Apple security standard it is difficult to see how he committed a crime. He trespassed a second time in January in the same way and rang Cook’s doorbell.

The Palo Alto Police Department did not arrest Sharma as he had left the property before they arrived.

Sharma allegedly threatened violence toward Apple executives, reportedly saying, “I don’t use ammunition but I know people who do”. Although to be fair that implies he will not be using a gun and just that he knows a few people who do  - which in the US is a no-brainer.

According to NBC News, Sharma has been ordered to stay away from the company’s headquarters, Cook, his property, and other Apple executives. The restraining order is effective until 3  March, the same day a hearing on the case is scheduled to take place. 


Last modified on 24 February 2020
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