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Russians investigate Apple

by on08 August 2019

Antitrust watchdog growls

Apple is under investigation in Russia following a complaint from cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab that it may be abusing its dominant position in smartphone apps, Russia’s anti-monopoly watchdog growled.

Watchdog FAS said it was investigating why a new version of Kaspersky Lab’s Safe Kids application had not been updated on the Apple operating system, resulting in a significant loss in functionality for the app.

It said Apple had released an updated version of its own app, Screen Time, which had similar functions to the Kaspersky program which came out first. We guess everyone assumed that it must have been Apple that invented it and  Kaspersky travelled back through time and gave its younger self.  Kaspersky time travel is apparently more believable than Apple inventing things after someone else and then taking steps to knock a rival out of business.


Last modified on 08 August 2019
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