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Why is Apple leaking like a sieve?

by on22 July 2019

Have its days of neurotic secrecy passed?

Last week Apple’s black shirted staff security appeared to be out to lunch and iPhone details started to leak

Apple-tracking site MacRumors got its paws on three 2019 iPhone dummy units.  They were inoperable - unlike the real thing which work really well, honest - but are produced from the final drawings Apple's engineers send to manufacturing partners to create devices. In images and videos,

MacRumors showed iPhones that had 5.8, 6.1, and 6.5-inch screens. They have ugly square camera bumps on the back and, for the 5.8- and 6.5-inch models, have three cameras. The 6.1-inch version has two cameras.

Apple is working on a 3D-sensing camera for its 2020 iPhones, according to a report this week from tech news site DigiTimes. That sensor would enable the rear-facing camera to sense depth and snap photos in 3D. It's unclear how it may be used in the real world, but it would be the first iPhone lineup equipped with the feature.

Apple may include a new, 5nm chip in next year's iPhones, Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac reported this week. Apple's current iPhones run on the 7nm chip. In the processor industry, the smaller the nanometer measure, the smaller the chip size. The smaller the chip size, the less room it'll take up inside a smartphone. Those space-savings often lead to revamped smartphone designs and thinner cases.

Apple is displeased with all the recent iPhone leaks. According to sources cited by tech news site The Information, Apple is launching countermeasures to limit leaks from its supply chain, including fining factories from where the leaks originate and using metal detectors to stop employees from walking out the door with yet-unreleased devices.

But it is not clear how the leaks happened. Some cynics are saying that now that Apple is less keen on Chinese suppliers they have little interest in keeping things quiet. Others, even more cynical think that the leaks are carefully planned to keep the Tame Apple Press talking about the outfit.


Last modified on 22 July 2019
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