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AI is a computer power bugbear

by on16 July 2019

Keeps Facebook’s AI expert awake at night

Facebook's AI initiatives, VP Jerome Pesenti (left) has warned that AI demands an increasing amount of compute power and it is keeping him awake at night worrying about it.

Pesenti said: "Peak compute companies like Facebook and Google can afford to experiment, we are reaching that already. But more software innovation will be required if artificial intelligence is to grow unhindered. It keeps me awake at night."

Pesenti said that the optimisation of hardware and software, rather than brute force compute may be critical to AI in years ahead.

"We still see gains with increase of compute, but the pressure from the problem is just going to become bigger.I think we will still continue to use more compute, you will still net, but it will go slower, because you cannot keep pace with 10 times a year. That's just not possible."


Last modified on 16 July 2019
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