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Samsung sorts out its folds

by on21 June 2019

Ready to release soon

Samsung said it is nearly ready to release its new foldable phones,  after delaying the launch because Apple friendly reviewers destroyed their phones by refusing to follow the instructions.

The Galaxy Fold will launch soon, as “most” issues linked to the screen have been solved, a Samsung Display executive has revealed.

Most of the display problems have been "ironed out", which is not something you expect from a fold.

Samsung Display Vice President Kim Seong-cheol in his speech at a conference held by industry by an industry body, The Korean Information Display Society, that he had high expectations for the device, saying: “The Galaxy Fold, when released, will receive a lot of attention in the market.”

The Samsung Display executive forecast that displays technology will play a core part in the 5G era which enables hyper-fast, ultra-smart and highly immersive communications, and accelerates the emergence of new types of products, such as rollable and stretchable displays

The Fold was initially scheduled to hit the shelves in April in the US and in May in Korea, but the launch has been delayed after reviewers complained of flickering screens and creases in the middle of the screen made after repeated folds. Admittedly some hacks peeled off protective screens to achieve this feat. They pointed out the folds should not have been that flimsy anyway – after all, Apple never released a flimsy product... well, OK it did release one which bent and another which needed a rubber band to work, but they were not as pricy as what Samsung wants for its foldable phone.

After postponing the launch schedule in April, the tech giant previously said that it would announce a new launch date in some weeks, but no official announcement has been made yet.



Last modified on 21 June 2019
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