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Mozilla kills Red Panda with fire

by on12 June 2019

Flaming idiots cost too much in fruit

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have decided to kill off their famous fox as the ruler of its logo family.

Apparently,  the world no longer needs a cute red panda, and instead needs fire to better represent what the browser does to your RAM.

Specifically, the red fox still exists in the FireFox browser logo, but it is a little more flame and a lot less fox.  Here are what all the logos look like.

FX Design Blog Logos Family 1

Last July, Mozilla designers told the world the logo would need to evolve to encompass a larger family of products, saying that “as an icon, that fast fox with a flaming tail doesn’t offer enough design tools to represent this entire product family.”

They could have gone more foxy or for more flame.  It looks like with Donald Trump in charge, the rise of the right and racism, they thought “the world is burning, now is not the time for something cute”.   


Last modified on 12 June 2019
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