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Russia builds Great Firewall of Russia

by on17 April 2019

Seems everyone wants a wall these days

The Russian government has confirmed that it will build an internet structure similar to China’s in a desperate bid to make sure that Russians don’t revolt against their current Tsar.

The Duma voted overwhelmingly to support a bill that will insist all data passes through Russian servers, allowing the government censor the lot.

Government money will be given for internet providers to install the necessary hardware to reroute data as it comes in.

The move is being touted as a way of negating the risk of a cyber attack and will shut down all internet access in the country at the flick of a switch.

But the tech will give the government power to control what the people of Russia can see and hear on the internet without needing to pretend that it is real news.

The law would also hit the crypto sector. The government according to the regulations proposed earlier that they would require every crypto trader to have a government certificate and an economics degree. The central bank would also limit the number of cryptocurrencies an investor can purchase. Moreover, no trader would be allowed to trade cryptocurrencies without a qualification certificate.

Tthe move is not being received well by the Russian public, more than fifteen thousand Russian citizens took to the Moscow streets to protest against the law earlier in March. The Public opinion seems to be divided over the matter; some see it as a necessary move for the protection of national interests while others see it as a power grab by Putin.






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